The Virginia Gazette

May 12, 1775s. Page 1, Column 3.

Extract of a letter from Fredericksburg, May 9.

"I am just returned from escorting the good old Speaker to Maryland, where we delivered him into the care of the independent company of Port Tobacco. He passed the Bowling Green last Tuesday, where the independent company of Caroline, with the militia of the county, and a detachment from the Fredericksburg independents were drawn out to receive him, and the two other Delegates, Col. Harrison, and Col. Pendleton. The whole went with them to Port Royal, where they dined; after which they crossed the river Rappahannock, and were received on the other side by the independents of King George and Westmoreland, who joined the escort. They lodged that night at Col. Thornton's, on Potowmack, and crossed the river early next morning. When we got to the Maryland side, the first thing we saw was the company from Port Tobacco drawn up on the beach to receive the Delegates; to who we delivered them , in perfect health. The companies ar Piscataway and Upper Marlborough were ready to receive them, as they passed. Our escort amounted to about 250 of the first Gentlemen in this part of the country, who, after taking leave of the Delegates at Hooe's ferry, on their going into the boats gave them three cheers, and returned home; except the guards, who crossed the river with them."

A correspondent writes us, that the bill for restraining the trade of the colonies to Great Britain, Ireland, and the West India islands, is t take place the same day that the Congress have fixed for the non-export fro America; but, if their resolves are rescinded, and they agree to trade as usual, the bill is to be of no effect, consequently repeals itself.

The Richmond, Paterson, from Glasgow, is arrived in James river.

This day we executed at the gallows, pursuant to their sentence, William Pitman, for murdering his Negro lad, William Gray, and John Wood, for burglary, and John Watkins, for a rape.

We this moment hear that his Excellency the Governour has issued a proclamation for the meeting of the General Assembly, on Thursday the 1st of June next.