The Virginia Gazette

March 12, 1767. Number 44. Page 3, Column 1

The Subscriber intending to leave the Colony in a short Time, proposes to sell as follows: Two Leases of Tenements in Fredericksburg on the Main Street, one of which rent at Twelve Pounds, the other he uses as a Shop, and would rent for as much; one Quarter of an Acre Lot opposite to Mr. Charles Washington's, on which are not considerable Improvements, rents for Four Pounds; also sundry Materials for carrying on the Saddlery Business too tedious to mention. A Tract of Land, by Estimation, One Hundred Acres, within Half a Mile of the Town of Falmouth in King George County, where the Subscriber now lives, on which are some valuable Buildings, plenty of Wood on the Land, very good Water, and an Exceeding beautiful Situation; on the same Tract is a Tan Yard just finished, containing Twenty Vatts, well water'd by Springs: Another Tract of Land within a Mile and a Half of the above, containing One Hundred and Fifty Acres, whereon the Subscriber has a Plantation in good Order for Grain, with sundry Improvements on the same, sufficient for the Reception of six Hands, under a good Fence, and on which a Piece of good Meadow my be made adjoining the River Rappahannock; also a good Convenience for Mills, the River being lastly commanded at that Spot; a complete Saw Mill, just finish'd by the well-known Mr. Samuel Bond, of Philadelphia, situated on Rock Run in Fauquier County, within Fifteen Miles of Falmouth, and a good Road, to which belongs the Pine Timber of One Thousand Acres of Land, equal in Quality to any in the Colony, and convenient to the said Mill; One other tract of uncultivated Land, containing between Four and Five Hundred Acres, well timber'd and water'd, on Summer Duck Run, within a Mile and a Half of the Mill, to be sold with the Mill or separate, as may best suit the purchaser.

The Subscriber has some very good Pine Plank to dispose of, on reasonable Terms, at the Saw Mill and at Falmouth. He likewise proposes to sell some of his houshold Furniture. And begs those who are indebted to him (particularly such as have owed for Years) will pay off their Accounts without further Trouble, which will enable him to Discharge Debts due to others.


N.B. As the Lands, &c. lay distinct from each other, the Terms may be known by applying to the Subscriber in Fredericksburg, or at his House in King George County.