The Virginia Gazette

July 12, 1770. Number 218. Page 3, Column 3

FREDERICKSBURG, June 13, 1770.


RUN AWAY from the subscriber, in Fredericksburg, on Thursday evening the 7th instant, a convict servant men, imported in the Nassau, Captain Wignall, just arrived from Liverpool, in Rappahannock, named JOHN BOOKER, born in England, about 31 years of age, fair complexion, ruddy contenance, narrow visage, a little marked with the smallpox, and has dark short hair, about 5 feet 6 inches high, had on an old brown coat, a black cloth jacket much wore, a pair of breeches the same of the coat, and narrow short osnabrig trowsers drawn over them, a check shirt, and silk handkerchief round his neck, flapped hat, with an old broad riband tied round the crown, a pair of strong thick shoes, yellow buckles, and a pair of dark marl'd worsted stockings.

He carried no change of dress with him, but possibly may procure other clothes, as he had some money with him. He was taken up in this town on Monday night the 11th instant, but got away again, and it is supposed made down the river, will endeavor to get on board some vessel, and pass for a sailor. All masters of vessels are forbid to carry him out of the colony. Any person who will deliver the said servant to owner in Fredericksburg, shall have the above reward, and reasonable charges, paid by