The Virginia Gazette

March, 1773. Number 1128. Page 3, Column 3

FREDERICKSBURG, February 24, 1773.

WHEREAS some of those indebted on the Books here have not paid due Regard to my Advertisement of the 1st of December last, I give them this last Notice, that all and every Account not paid off, or a good Part of it, before the 20th of April, or our May Fair at the farthest, or settled by Bond or other Specialty before that Time, will most certainly be put into the Hands of a Lawyer, without Respect of Persons. Unavoidable Reasons will oblige me to this which I shall probably in Time acquaint them with. Those who may be put to Trouble and Expense cannot now blame me fro Want of Notice.

* I have sold Part of the Goods now on Hand, but so as not to dissort the Store, and have still a large Assortment on Hand, which I will sell by Wholesale or Retail, on the Terms formerly advertised. Any Person who will purchase the Whole shall have them on Terms which they themselves will say are very low and reasonable.

(tf) George Mitchell