The Virginia Gazette

April 11, 1771. Number 1028. Page 3, Column 2

To be SOLD at Fredericksburg, on Monday the 20th of May, being Fair Day,

ABOUT fifty choice SLAVES, used for Cropping and Farming; for which twelve Months Credit will be allowed, on Bond, with Security, bearing Interest from the Date. Five per Cent. discounted for ready Money.

I have also some other Slaves to dispose of at private Sale, among whom are two House Carpenters and Coopers, a Ship Carpenter and Caulker, three Watermen (one of whom has gone Skipper of a Sloop for some Years past, and is well acquainted with the Bay and most of the Rivers in Virginia and Maryland) with a few House Servants.

I will likewise sell the Plantation whereon I now live, in King George County, opposite to Fredericksburg (with or without the Ferry) with another valuable Plantation at the Great Marsh, in Fauquier County. Both of them are laid down in Farm, and may be had with or without the Slaves, Stocks, and Corn thereon. Credit (if required) will be extended to one, two or three Years, to suit the Purchaser.