Fredericksburg Historic District Ordinance


*State law references: Historic resources, Code of Virginia, 10.1-2200 et seq.; Virginia Historic Preservation Foundation, Code of Virginia, 10.1-2400 et seq; preservation of historical sites and architectural areas, Code of Virginia, 15.2-2306.

Sec. 78-751. Purpose and intent.

(Code 1991, 14-586)

Sec. 78-752. Effect of overlay district; components of district.

(Code 1991, 14-587; Ord. No. 99-15, III, 7-27-1999; Ord. No. 00-02, III, 3-28-2000; Ord. No. 01-14, III, 7-14-2001)

Sec. 78-753. Architectural review board established.

There shall be an architectural review board for the city. Such body shall have the duty to implement the provisions of this division, in accordance with the provisions of chapter 10, article II, division 2.

(Code 1991, 14-589)

State law references: Historical preservation, Code of Virginia, 15.2-2306.

Sec. 78-754. Certificate of appropriateness required.

(Code 1991, 14-590)

Sec. 78-755. Structures on property owned or controlled by governmental entity or public utility company.

(Code 1991, 14-590.1)

Sec. 78-756. Application for certificate of appropriateness.

(Code 1991, 14-591)

Sec. 78-757. Notice of hearing on certificate of appropriateness.

(Code 1991, 14-592)

Sec. 78-758. General standards for issuance of certificate of appropriateness.

(Code 1991, 14-593)

Sec. 78-759. Standards for approval of alteration of existing structure.

(Code 1991, 14-594)

Sec. 78-760. Standards for approval of new structures.

In determining the appropriateness of any application for a certificate of appropriateness pertaining to new structures, the architectural review board shall consider the application's relatedness to existing historic district structures and characteristics, including the following elements:

(Code 1991, 14-595)

Sec. 78-761. Standards for approval of demolition, removal or relocation.

(Code 1991, 14-596)

Sec. 78-762. Standards for approval of signs.

The architectural review board shall consider the following in determining the appropriateness of any application for a sign proposed within the HFD:
(Code 1991, 14-597)
State law references: Outdoor advertising in sight of public highways, Code of Virginia, 33.1-351 et seq.

Sec. 78-763. Publication of sign standards; temporary sign certificates.

The architectural review board shall adopt standards, including design examples, for signs deemed acceptable in the HFD and shall cause such standards to be published or made available to the public. The zoning administrator shall have the right to issue 90-day temporary certificates for any sign he deems to meet these standards. Applicants for such temporary certificates must file applications with the architectural review board for permanent approval within 60 days of the issuance of a temporary certificate.
(Code 1991, 14-598)

Sec. 78-764. Approval of certain signs by zoning administrator.

Four types of signs in the HFD shall not require review or approval by the architectural review board, but may be approved through the sign permitting process by the zoning administrator, as set forth in division 3 of this article. Each sign shall be made by a professional sign maker or sign painter who is regularly engaged in the production of signs. Size, area, placement, and related dimensional aspects of such signs shall continue to be governed by division 3 of this article. The four types of signs are:
(Code 1991, 14-599)

Sec. 78-765. Record of proceedings of architectural review board.

A record of architectural review board actions and procedures shall be maintained and available to the general public. Any photograph, drawing, map, description, etc., submitted with an application, together with any certificate issued, shall be a part of the public record and maintained as such.
(Code 1991, 14-600)

Sec. 78-766. Decisions by architectural review board; expiration of certificate of appropriateness.

After appropriate review, the architectural review board shall act to approve, approve with modification, or deny any request or application within 30 days of submission of a complete application. The community development coordinator shall notify the applicant of the architectural review board's decision within 14 days from the date of the hearing. A certificate of appropriateness issued under the provisions of this division shall expire one year after the date of such approval unless:

(Code 1991, 14-601)

Sec. 78-767. Appeals.

(Code 1991, 14-602)

Sec. 78-768. Permitted uses; special permit uses; use regulations.

(Code 1991, 14-603; Ord. No. 02-06, II, 3-12-2002)

Secs. 78-769--78-789. Reserved.

Last Update: 7 March 2006

Name: Gary Stanton, Dept of Historic Preservation