Building Contracts and Specifications in Fredericksburg, Falmouth, and Spotsylvania County

  • Walker R.Carter vs Larkin Stanard agreement

  • Bill of work done to House of Colin and James Ross' House, 1802

  • Building Contract between Joshua Long and Austin Bush for a brick warehouse, 1813

  • Building Agreement between Joshua Long and Major Churchill Jones for a toll bridge to Chatham, 1820

  • Agreement to build a Mill for George Bronaugh by Anthony R. Thornton, 1809

  • Bill of Work done for Elijah Arnold by Henry H. Downing, Spring 1816

  • Building Agreement between Nathaniel Graeves, John Tensbloom & Henry Moor, Falmouth, 1824

  • Specification of Work between Caroline M. Stanard and John P. Hill on Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, 1851

  • Woodwork Agreement between Thomas Harrison & Co. and Ernest Stoffregen on Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, 1868

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