Schedule 3.--Persons who died during the year ending 1st June 1860, in Fredericksburg in the
County of Spotsylvania State of Virginia enumerated by me, J B. Sener Ass't Marshall.

Person who died Age Sex Color Free/Slave married/widowed Place of Birth Month Died Profession Disease/Cause of Death No. days ill
1 Courtney, Albert 54 m m Virginia Decr Shoemaker consumption 8yrs
2 Stewart, Catharine 60 f Virginia Augt Needlewoman unknown 8days
3 Bryant, Peter 55 m Virginia May Machinist disease of kidneys, pneumonia 8mo
4 Donahoe, Joshua 51 m m Virginia March Tailor consumption 5yrs
5 Ferneyhough, Betsey 63 f Virginia April Seamstress consumption 4wks
6 Robinson, Jeremiah 27 m m Virginia May Sailor accidentally drowned
7 Rawlet, Martha 1m f Virginia March inflamation of lungs 4days
8 Mills, William 4m m Virginia June inflamation of bowels 3wks
9 Spilman, Ann 77 f w Maryland March asthma 12days
10 Campbell, Spencer 60 m b s m Virginia Feby Hostler Pneumonia 3days
11 Lambert, Thomas 1m m m s Virginia Augt unknown 7days
12 Bundy, Armstead 2 m b s Virginia Novr accidentally drowning 3wks
13 Henderson, Elizabeth 60 f w Virginia Augt consumption 4yrs
14 Taylor, Jere 90 m b s Virginia Sept Servant old age 7days
15 Cole, Bernard 59 m m Virginia Augt Police Officer Pneumonia 8days
16 Jenkins, Fanny 49 f b s Virginia Augt Servant falling of womb 1year
17 Taliaferro, John 6m m b s Virginia June cholera infantum 2wks
18 Jett, Jessee 83 m Virginia April Farmer old age 3days
19 Copenhaver, Mary A 42 f Virginia Sept Milliner consumption 2yrs
20 Richards, Ida V 4 f Virginia Novr unknown 4yrs
21 Roberts, Sam'l 65 m m Virginia Decr Silversmith Delerium Tremours 6wks
22 White, Kate 32 f Virginia May consumption 4mo
23 Mills, James 79 m w Virginia Octr Ret'd Gentleman old age 9days
24 Parker, Eliza J 38 f w Virginia March consumption 2yrs
25 Rothrock, Mary R 45 f w Virginia Octr consumption 1yr
26 Sacrey, B B 50 m m Virginia Octr Merchant dropsy 2yrs
27 Harrington, Eliz 23 f m Virginia July child birth 11days
28 Taylor, Nancy 34 f Virginia May appoplexy sudden
29 Murphy, Wm H 61 m Virginia May Ret'd Merchant consumption 5mo
30 Williams, Geo 31 m m s m Virginia Sept Servant spinal affection 18mo
31 Kale, Catharine 64 f w Virginia Sept unknown 9days
32 Smith, Henry 50 m m s Virginia Decr Servant dropsy 2mo
33 Layton, Lela B 2 f Virginia April teething 1wk
34 Seib, John 44 m m Virginia Feby Officer Coast Survey appoplexy sudden
35 Metcalfe, Fr 40 m m England Augt Gardiner consumption 3mo
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Person who died Age Sex Color Free/Slave married/widowed Place of Birth Month Died Profession Disease/Cause of Death No. days ill
1 Mills, Minnie M 45 f m Virginia May unknown 1wk
2 Danson, Anna F 8 f Virginia June unknown 2wks
3 Jenkins, Joeletta 1 f Virginia Sept dysentery 6mo
4 Emmerson, Joshua 90 m m s w Virginia Feby Gardiner old age 1mo
5 Bowman, Thomas 5m m Virginia March constipation of bowels 3days
6 Solon, Emmett A 11m m Virginia May teething 1wk
7 Thornton, Martha A 31 f m Virginia Augt consumption 6wks
8 Owens, Lindsey 53 m m Virginia Jany Shoemaker paralysis 2days
9 Taylor, Anna 80 f m s w Virginia May Servant paralysis 4wks
10 Campbell, Charlotte 31 f b Virginia July Washerwoman cancer 9yrs
11 Parker, Virginia 60 f b s w Virginia Jany Servant old age 4mo
12 Campbell, Ann 30 f b Virginia June Pauper spasm 1day
13 Campbell, Summerfield 36 f b Virginia April unknown 1mo
14 Mann, William 53 m m Virginia March Barber consumption 6mo
15 Bouldin, Amanda 15 f m s Virginia Feby Servant unknown 8days
16 Washington, George 40 m b s Virginia Augt house Servant consumption 4mo
17 Raines, Fanny A 2 f Virginia May inflamation of bowels 3days
18 Shepherd, Anna B 1 f Virginia March teething & consumption 11wks
19 Webb, Chas 2d m b Virginia Jany 1day
20 Byron, Thornton 35 m Virginia April liver complaint 3yrs
21 Packer, John 50 m b s m Virginia April liver complaint 2mo
22 Blackman, Rich'd 7 m m s Virginia July unknown 1mo
23 Stephens, W H 47 m m Virginia Augt Merchant disease of heart 8mo
24 Murray, Henry 7m m b s Virginia Octr Pneumonia 1mo
25 Grant, Vira 40 f m s m Virginia Decr servant (house) typhoid pneumonia 3wks
26 Walker, Armstead 63 m b s w Virginia Jany Preacher (b) disease of kidneys 5wks
27 Carter, Robt 38 m b s Virginia Novr Servant typhoid pneumonia 6mo
28 Campbell, Ruth 60 f m Virginia Jany paralysis 3wks
29 Baxter, Jane 48 f w Virginia Augt consumption 2yrs
30 Smith, Margt 32 f b s w Virginia June House Servant consumption 3mo
31 Smith, Mildred 9 f b Virginia Augt consumption 6wks
32 Tongue, Mary 50 f m England Novr Leprosy 3yrs
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I hereby certify that the foregoing returns were made according to my oath and instructions and are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
J. B. Sener asst Marshal

Sworn to before me this 31st Augt 1860
H S Doggett J.P.

I have duly to say that our place is remarkably healthy and that being a city I have none of the county statements to report.

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